All Clash of Clans Private Servers 2019 Latest ✅ [FHX] [MAGIC] [LIGHT]

Clash of Clans Mod Apk 10.322.20, Download Links For Nulls Royale Updated – Clash of clans private servers 2019 – Clash of Duty team proudly welcomes you to the Mega Compilation of Clash of Clans Private Servers, People are searching for Clash of Clans Private Servers all over the internet, Some of them are working and some of them are not working,

Clash of Clans Private Servers December 2019 Some end up in reaching websites which is full of rounding advertisements and users don’t get a working private server at the end. The latest version of Clash of Clans Private Servers are updated recently now, Including lot of new troops and Clan games which you can enjoy by downloading the latest version of FHX, Magic and lights COC servers right now from Clash of Duty.

Update Now!

Update your old private servers now! This Mega article from Clash of Duty which consisting of Clash of Clans Private Servers from over 4 publishers of COC Private servers, Each having its own Pros and Cons will be listed it and you can also download clash of clans hacked apk, This article will help you how to get unlimited gems in clash of clans 2019, You will get clash of clans free gems no survey 2019 and clash of clans hack 2019.

Need the Latest Troops on Clash Royale?? Check out Clash Royale Private Servers Latest Version

Are you stuck at very tough upgrades? Which is costing very much to reach next level? Are you tired of collecting resources, Raiding and looting enemy bases? Are you tired of playing by the game rules in official Clash of Clans Servers? With Clash of Clans Private Servers 2019, You don’t need to do anything mentioned above, Break the rules and enjoy the game, Playing on Clash of Clans Hacked Apk won’t make your data lose in the official servers.

COC Private Servers 2018

COC Private Servers 2019 Mega Compilation will definitely help you, Many people use this latest version of Clash of Clans Mod Apk 2019, In order to test the new troop’s abilities and skills, Practise their war strategy in the game with unlimited gold and gems, So they can form an authority in their clan. The main advantage of COC Servers is you don’t need to spend any money If you got a right website like Clash of Duty! providing you bunch of Working Clash of Clans Private servers, Then you will be in paradise playing these servers. This massive article about clash of clans private servers 2019 will help you for sure.

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Clash of Clans Private Servers December 2019 Update

Hello Clashers, All the Clash of Clans Private Servers has been updated for this month, And they are working fine flawlessly, This Mega Compilation Article now consisits of

  • Nulls Clash Updated May 2019 Private Servers
  • Lights Clash Updated May 2019 Private Servers or Clash of Lights 2019
  • Clash of Magic Updated May 2019 Private Servers
  • Clash of Duty Updated May 2019 Private Servers

The new version of these updates are very awesome, In most of the servers some big fixes are done, And the private servers capacity has been increased alot, Kindly check the servers and download, And one good news for you guys is that we have removed all the social lockers which is disturbing you, Now you can have latest version of the private servers and download it hassle free.

Working of Clash of Clans Private Servers 2019

Before you start playing on these COC private servers, You should know how these servers are working first, In official Clash of Clans, You are playing the game server hosted by game maker Supercell, Where are Clash of Clans Private Servers are hosted by private third-party servers, Who are giving you free access of getting unlimited gems, Coins,

Before getting started Check out the gameplay of 500 hogs vs 500 mortars played on a private server in the above video. The third party which going to be listed in Clash of Duty are FHX, Clash of Magic, Dark Souls, Clash of Duty and much more, Each will have their own modifications of Clash of Clans to provide users comfortable experience, All these servers are free of cost, Which you can download it from here, Updated throughout the year 2019.

Myths in Clash of Clans Private Servers 2019

Myths of Private Servers

There are a lot of myths which make the user get confused, Let’s break it out into simple points.

  • Clash of Clans Private Servers don’t necessarily require a rooted device, People over the internet are not playing in these private servers, Because they think that they need to root their device, Which is a tedious process, Clash of Clans Mod Apk 2019 is working fine in our non-rooted device.
  • iOS users have two ways to get into COC Mod iOS, One way is DNS method and another way is by using COC Hacked IPA, The second method works better than the first method.
  • When a COC Private Server is get stuck at 50 %, It doesn’t always mean that the private server is not working, There might be a possible chance that the server got filled, You need to wait and try at the different time, And you will be connected in most cases.
  • Using Clash of Clans Private servers won’t ban your main account Unless you link your Gmail. Supercell is not taking big care about their users playing on hacked version, In case of Pokemon Go, Niantic bans users immediately as soon as found.

These are some common myths and misconceptions among people, Clear it up guys, Let’s move further. Before proceeding please read below.

Important Note
All the Apks, Mod Apks, Private Servers provided by Clash of Duty are 100 % virus/malware free, User experience is our first priority, And all the files are tested with (Antivirus site)

FHX Private Server 2019 – COC Server 1

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All Clash of Clans Private Servers 2018 Latest [FHX] [MAGIC] [LIGHTS]


FHX is one of the highly played COC private servers over the internet, Recently these servers were down, But its again backup, And it is a 100% working FHX Private server, And it can be played on Android and iOS without any interruptions and the features of these servers are awesome, We will attach a Clash of Clans FHX server download link below.

Features of FHX Server 2019

These servers have good features comparing to other Clash of Clans Private Servers 2019, Check out the features below.

  • You can create unlimited amounts of golds and gems, Starting amount will be 1,000,000,0000. Minimum amount Lol
  • You can use this gold and gems to unlock troops such as P.E.K.K.A, Dragons, Dark Elixir troops and much more with a single tap, You can use the resources in whatever style you want.
  • There are new towers such as Dragon Tower, Witch Tower, Barbarian king tower.
  • You can build a big army now, Around 500, You can change it inside the settings, Build as many Army Camps, Attack with the army in population camp.
  • All buildings, Traps and decorations can be easily unlocked in a tap.
  • There are a lot more features are there, You have to play and discover it.

Download Hay Day Private Servers

FHX Private servers 2019 are regularly updated, You don’t need to worry, If the game gets updates, You can always visit Clash of Duty! to download newly updated fresh working Clash of Clans servers, FHX COC Server is one of the best Clash of Clans Private Servers 2019. Don’t forget to try it.

Installation of FHX Server

Downloads Box
Downloads Box
  • The process is very simple and it is not a rocket science nor require a tech savvy to do.
  •  Download the file, Make sure you have it in an accessible location.
  • Install FHX Server Mod, Open it and enjoy the game.

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Clash of Lights Private Server 2019 – COL Server – COC Server 2

This server is one of the amazing COC Private servers, Because it is updated regularly, The major disadvantage of the FHX Server is that it doesn’t get updated regularly, Whereas COL servers are updated with new features every time, You can download those servers anytime in Clash of Duty! If FHX Server is not working for your then you should try COL servers for sure,


All Clash of Clans Private Servers 2018 Latest [FHX] [MAGIC] [LIGHTS]

Clash of Lights server is working without any root in all our tested devices And tried from different countries, You should give this server a try for sure. The download links of Clash of Lights Private Server 2019 are present inside the locker.

You can also download Clash of Lights Apk 2019

Features of Clash of Lights Server 2019

  • As the Clash of Lights servers is hosted in high-speed servers, Your gaming experience with Clash of Lights Private Servers 2019 will be incredible for sure, There are no bugs and errors while connecting to this servers except update popup comes often as they update their COL servers regularly.
  • The server is hosted on a dedicated VPS and it has high protection against leakage of user data.
  • Enjoy limitless Gold, Gems and other resources.
  • In COC Original servers, It would take a couple of weeks to upgrade your hero, Buildings and all other stuff, With COL servers, You can do it in a matter of seconds.
  • Custom Heroes and custom buildings can be made, You can combine the abilities of two heroes and make it awesome.

Get Latest Version of Clash Royale Private Servers

How to Install COL Servers Updated Latest!

  • Installation is simple and it is same as the FHX Servers 2019
  • Download it from your suitable mirror.
  • Make a clean installation of Clash of Lights 2019.
  • Open the game and enjoy.

Clash of Magic Servers 2019 – COM Server 2017 – COC Server 3

Want to have some magic in the gameplay?? Clash of Magic is here, Clash of Magic works on the same way as other servers, But it has some great features, Over millions of Clash of Clans fans are playing in Clash of Magic server because of the New troop’s features such as Giant King, Giant Goblin, Giant Barbarian and much more. You can enjoy a lot of new modded features.

All Clash of Clans Private Servers 2018 Latest [FHX] [MAGIC] [LIGHTS]

There are four different servers of Clash of Magic, Which is present inside the locker. Clash of Magic S1 and Clash of Magic S2 have lot of mods added into their private servers where as the rest have some simple features such as unlimited golds and gems, Clash of Magic is an amazing private server but it faces often lag. This is one of the amazing Clash of Clans Private Servers 2019.

Features of Clash of Magic 2019 Servers

  • You can make custom buildings, Custom troops such as Giant King, Minion King, Goblin King and big troops with new custom buildings.
  • Unlimited gold and elixir as always
  • Nothing is needed to be purchased, Everything is unlocked in the store, You can buy whatever heroes you want to try it.
  • There are 4 servers which you can play, If one server is down, You can play on other servers.
  • The server is working perfectly on all devices, Whether it is apple device or Android device.

How to Install Clash of Magic 2019 Servers

The steps are same as the above.

  • Download links of Clash of Magic is above
  • Download anyone of the mod
  • Install the file, Remove any other mod if you are having
  • Enjoy the private servers with Clash of Magic 2019 Servers

Clash of Duty Servers 2019

Clash of Duty server is one of the fantabulous servers because, It has 99.9 % uptime, And also consisting of features of all the mods, You can play with your friends, Join a real clan and fight against enemies, While all other servers only battle with bots, Clash of Duty have real players in it, You can fight with their base, Like in official Clash of Clans Servers. And in Clash of Duty servers March Update, Clan Games are permanently included in this server.

And a new dealer who is trader has been added in this game, For better experience of you guys, You can buy unlimited magic spells, Which are just awarded as rewards on completing clan games.

You can enjoy a natural game with Clash of Duty Servers 2019, With Unlimited mods addons, Clash of Duty Fans are all over the world, Its regularly update as soon as the update has been launched. Some of the recent updates are given below.

You can see it, Clash of Duty servers are updated regularly, And our team working really hard for it.

Features of Clash of Duty Servers

All Clash of Clans Private Servers 2018 Latest [FHX] [MAGIC] [LIGHTS]


All Clash of Clans Private Servers 2018 Latest [FHX] [MAGIC] [LIGHTS]

  • The servers are very stable with speed, Hosted on high-speed VPS servers with 99.9 %, And you will face no lags.
  • A server is incredible as it is regularly updated as soon as the latest version pops out.
  • Unlimited gems, Coins and resources, and new custom troops are added.

These are a lot of new features are being added in this Clash of Duty servers, Stay tuned, Subscribe to Clash of Duty and wait.

How to Install Clash of Duty 2019 Servers

The steps are same as above, Currently Clash of Duty has only one server, Soon it will be expanded, Because of single server, You may face frequent disconnection, Keep on trying on different times, You will enjoy for sure.

  • Download links of Clash of Duty Servers is present above
  • Download anyone of the mirror
  • Remove the old versions of Clash of Duty Servers and enjoy the game.
  • Enjoy the private servers with Clash of Duty 2019 Servers

Enjoy the best servers in clash of clans private servers 2019.

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We hope you have liked the article on Clash of Clans Private Servers 2019, Mega Compilation with different kinds of mods such as FHX Server 2019, Clash of Lights Server 2019, Clash of Magic Servers 2019, Clash of Duty Servers, If you are facing problem in any one of the servers which are listed above, Please use the comment section below, Do subscribe to Clash of Duty and press the bell icon to receive updates instantly as soon as it has been posted.

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clash of clans private servers 2018
  • Server Connectivity
  • UI & Performance
  • Game Rating


This Massive article Consists of Clash of Clans Private Servers of different makers, We are providing Clash of Magic Private Servers 2018, Dark Souls Private Servers 2018, Clash of Lights Private Servers 2018, Clash of Duty Private Servers 2018, All of them are working and tested, And if there is any update comes we will update it within this massive article, Thanks for Reading.

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