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Download Links Updated 04/15/18 So before getting started, Let me tell the exact reasons why you are. Downloading a real working Clash Royale Private Servers are really tough these days, There are a lot of sites which continuously post the fake ones and they are just focusing on getting people’s attention and they are giving importance to users. By the end of this article, I am going to provide working solutions for both Android and iOS, Supercell is very busy on organising Clash Royale Gem weekend events.

And Also recently a new troop which is called Magic Archer has been added to the gameplay. The performance of the Magic archer is good, It shoots whatever troops that comes in its way, Check out its gameplay below.

Get the latest Clash of Clans Private Servers 2018

The possible reasons you might be here maybe you are tired of downloading many fake ones, You won’t train yourself and want to show them off whom they called you noob, And other reasons are some of them want to try the latest troops, All your problems will be solved soon Friends and I request you to subscribe and press the bell button beside to receive instant update from ClashofDuty.

Love Clash of Clans Private Servers?

Today, I will be discussing four methods, Two methods for each Android, iOS, If one method doesn’t work you can try the other method, By the end of this Article, You would be in Clash Royale Private Servers for sure. Clash Royale FHX is the best server which I used it till the date.

CR Servers Latest Pic

Features of Clash Royale Private Servers Latest Version

Clash Royale is a very interesting strategical game, Where you have to fight against enemy and you have to destroy the enemies kingdom which consists of his towers and  knock him out, If you not started the game yet, Check out this link to Clash Royale Latest Version, The main advantage of playing in the Private Servers is that the gems, The people who have lot of gems are king of this game, As they can purchase variety of cards and upgrade their troops very fast.

  • Unlimited Gems and Elixir, You can spend like a king.
  • Connection issues have been fixed to a maximum extent.
  • Latest troops such as Electro-Wizard, Executioner and much more added.
  • You can now fight with real humans with unlimited gems.
  • More exciting battles such as Duel Arenas, Group Clan Wars.

Looking for New version for Clash Royale? Check CR Mod Apk v 2.0.7

These are some of the features added now, And lot of features will be added soon in this update, Android users can get into the servers very easily, But iOS users struggle to get into servers, Because of Apple’s strict UI and it don’t all easily other party (.ipa’s to get installed).

Some of The Con’s of the Private Servers

There might be a lot of exciting features mentioned above, But some of the cons always bring us a disappointment while using Private Servers

  • The server gets auto disconnected sometimes, Makes us annoying while playing.
  • More irritating, When we don’t have anything to achieve.
  • It can be boring after continuous hours of playing.

These are some of the cons but it is negligible and the disconnection is kept on fixing in every update. Clash Royale FHX is doing everything to keep their servers alive.

Download Clash Royale Private Servers Updated April 2018

CR Servers Latest Pic CR Servers Latest Pic

The new version of Clash Royale has alot of new features added, Such as Magic Archer troop, Electro Wizard troop and much more troops has been added, New arenas, Soon more features will be updated.

Check out old versions of Clash Royale Servers

For Android Users – Non-Rooted Version

Downloads Box

Important Note
Clash Royale Mod APK works awesome for me, But it is more laggy than expected. While Clash Royale FHX for Rooted version has less lag comparably.

As I said early, For Android users, They can get the Clash Royale Private Servers very easily, All they have to do is download the APK and install it, And I am going to provide all the download links for the files above, The files will be unlocked within 100 seconds or you can unlock instantly by supporting us with shares. Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

  • Make sure you have separate google id to login into google play So that it won’t collapse with the original Clash Royale account you use to play.
  • Download the Clash Royale Mod APK, Make a clean install, I would advise you to remove Clash Royale original version while using the Private Servers, There might be risk of getting banned.

Get Clash Royale Private Servers 2018

For Android Users – Rooted version

Important Note
This method works only for Android users who have their phone rooted, Since rooting of their phones gives them more access by unlocking more features.

If you don’t know how to root your Android phone, You can go to  Youtube, Type your mobile model and root it.

Important Note
This method works for both Android rooted and non-rooted users, The process is as simple, Which is conventional downloading and installing. FHX Clash Royale works best on day time so I advise my friends to use it on daytime and avoid it in using nighttime Because at night their servers are overloaded.
  • Make sure you have separate google id to login into google play, So that it won’t collapse with the original Clash Royale account you use to play.
  • Download the Clash Royale FHX, Make a clear install, I would advise you to remove Clash Royale original version while using the Private Servers, There might be a risk of getting banned.
  • Install the game and get trained with whatever troops you want.

For iOS Users – Non-Jail Break Version

Important Note
Since the iPhone devices are very strict regarding installing of third party apps, We will go for the working DNS method to connect to the Clash Royale Private Servers, Follow the steps carefully.

I will explain what is DNS, Domain Name System, It varies according to your IP address, What we are going to do here is to induce a private DNS of some in your country, So that the DNS matches with the Clash Royale Private Server and you can join directly from your Clash Royale application and enjoy.

  • Below the instructions, You will see different Ip Address.
  • So, You will see different DNS address, Choose one which has a location close to you.
  • But I prefer you to choose USA as default.
  • Because the FHX server is hosted only in USA.
  • open Settings.
  • Then go to WiFi Options.
  • Now tap on the ‘i‘ icon beside your SSID name.
  • Then replace or put any of the followings in your Primary DNS:
  • Now start Clash Royale, wait for 5-15 seconds, Hope you would be in Private Servers.

It works best on night hours, I have iPhone 6s, At first attempt, It didn’t connect, What I did was keep on refreshing and changing servers and trying again and again and finally I got into the servers. So keep on trying friends, If it is not getting connected in the first attempt.

For iOS Users – With Jail Break

Important Note
For this process, You would need a Jailbroken iOS device, And we are going to work with Cydia and do some process to make the Clash Royale Private Servers work, I personally don’t have a jailbroken device, I didn’t test working of this. So you should have to try it on your own luck.

We will need Xmod games to work on Jailbroken device.

  • Tap Cydia.
  • Go to ‘Sources‘ and click on ‘Edit‘.
  • Tap on “Add“.
  • Enter ( and tap on “Add Source“.
  • Search for ‘XMod‘ to install.
  • Then look for ‘Clash Royale Servers‘, and download the modded Clash Royale IPA.


For Android users, It is very easy to install Clash Royale Private Servers because of the UI, iOS users it is totally depend on luck of the users, The success rate of iOS users 50 % +, Where as for Android users 70%+, We hope you enjoy this article and we are also looking for a user rating above, The user rating could be done above, Rate based on how it works for you.

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