Boom Beach Private Servers December 2017 (Android & iOS)

Boom Beach Private Servers December 2017 is out for both Android & iOS, Boomers (Boom Beach Players) Your wait is over, Boom Beach Private Servers has been updated after a long time, Because of high demand for the game, People face matchmaking errors and connecting errors, Now the errors have been fixed as the server is upgraded to new server.

Boom Beach Private Servers December 2017

Supercell is busy with conducting survey on Facebook that which heroes favourite for Boomers and which Villian favourite for Boomers and they completely forgot to update their game, Many people are complaining that the game is dead and not interesting at all, People are looking for new games, Those people, I would advise you to register for Clash of Duty, Press the bell icon, So that you would receive updates instantly. We will be posting new updates, As soon as it gets launched.

There are lot of new features added to Boom Beach Private Servers December 2017, All the new heroes, And Villians and various levels have been unlocked, With new troops, Unlimited Diamonds and gems as always, Supercell recently announced 20 % off on these items in official boom beach servers, But some people commented who will pay for these items, We will play in Boom Beach Private Servers 

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Features of Boom Beach Private Servers December 2017

There are a lot of new features added in this game, Which we will be listing below.

  • Hammerman’s Mega Turtle has been added to this private server, Which was there in official Boom Beach servers for few days.
  • Unlimited Gems and Diamonds as always.
  • Improved server connectivity.
  • You can join a task force.
  • Easily train heroes such as Sgt. Brick, Cpt. Everspark, or Dr Kavan.
  • You can now discover tribes easily and play with them.
  • Lt. Hammerman, Colonel Gearheart, or Dr T, Play with these villains
  • The server has been upgraded, It can handle a number of players.

Check out heroes gameplay above.

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Download Boom Beach Private Servers December 2017 Apk Android

Important Note
Before proceeding to download, We want to have attention of Clash of Duty users, All the Mods, Private servers which are provided by Clash of Duty are spam and malware free and it is tested by

Boom Beach Private Servers December 2017

A downloading latest version of Boom Beach Private Servers is very simply, Unlock the social locker by sharing in any one of the social media below, This will help us to gain more exposure more people will come to play.

  • Download the latest version
  • Remove the old version of Boom Beach
  • Install the new version of Boom Beach Private Servers
  • Give sufficient permission to it.
  • Open the game, Enjoy the new version of Boom Beach.

Download Boom Beach Private Servers December 2017 Ipa Iphone

Since There are a lot of limitations in iPhones, We have provided DNS address for different locations, Choose the DNS according to a country nearby, To ensure the best connectivity.

  • Go to Wifi options on your device.
  • Press the “i” button.
  • Scroll down, You will see DNS options.
  • Now you have to enter these DNS address.
  • Enter this DNS address which is shown inside the locker.
  • Now open Boom beach, You would be landed on private servers 🙂


We hope you like the article on Boom Beach Private Servers December 2017, Its easy cake for Android users to play this game, Just download the latest application file and install, Whereas iOS users have to change their DNS address in order to get into the working Boom Beach Private Servers, Please do subscribe to Clash of Duty and press the bell icon to receive instant updates.


Boom Beach Private Servers December 2017
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  • UI & Performance
  • Game Rating

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