Clash Royale December Update 2016 Complete Details About it

Clash Royale December Update 2016 is going to be launched soon within a few week; There are numerous things which are going to be added in this update. The update is going to blast with four brand new cards, One new arena and much more stuff. This update is going to be one of the major updates in Clash Royale History 🙂

Eager to know what are the cards going to be added? Check here

Clash Royale December Update 2016 Complete Details About it

Apart from cards, Some new things also going to be added, For Clashers every Christmas is a treat because all the Supercell games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, Boom Beach going to have fresh updates.

What is new in Clash Royale December Update 2016?

Jungle Arena

Clash Royale December Update 2016 Complete Details About it

New arena called Jungle arena will be added, It looks alike to Jungle, So it is named as Jungle, I don’t want to write much about this arena, You can understand more by watching this amazing video tutorial.

This video is made by our friend, Nickatnyte; You can subscribe to his channel to Facebook, This video all things about this new arena.

Crown Duel Challenge – New Fighting Style

Clash Royale is going to add a new fighting style, Which is called Crown Duel Challenge. This is one of the exciting features of this Clash Royale December Update. Here are some facts about it.

  • Each player will be asked to withdraw one card from two cards.
  • Both will choose 3 – 3 cards each.
  • After choosing, The Arena begins.

It is the simple basic concept but, I hope Supercell will make this fighting style balanced, I will make a separate article on how to master in Crown Duel Challenge. Check out the video to get idea about it.

Clan Crown Chest

This feature is one of the awesome feature, Which is going to be added. As the name says it is Clan Crown chest.

  • There will be a goal which is needed to be achieved together by whole team mates. Like your whole team should get 100 crowns each.
  • The crowns can be obtained by just battling in regular arenas.
  • Even if you contribute one crown to unlock Clan Crown chest, Then you will also receive massive amount of cards based on your share.
  • If you leave or join a clan during the period, There will be a cool time, After that only you can contribute.
  • Clan cards will be distributed based on the arena which clan is in. You will not get higher arena cards.

Check the video for information.

Some Other Stuff Going to come

The above things are the best things about this Clash Royale December Update. And there are some of them left.

  • You will be able to donate and receive epic cards each Sunday.
  • Epic cards will cost low after this update.
  • The epic chest will give more cards in your arena.
  • Four news cards going to be added in this update or in the first week of January, One card will be released every two weeks.
  • Fixed some bugs and several balanced cards.


So these are some of the new things to be added in this Clash Royale December Update, The new cards will be released every two weeks. I hope you would have enjoyed this article. Share it with your friends, So that it might help them.


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