Subway Surfers v 1.73.1 Mod Apk (Android & iOS) Right now

Subway Surfers v 1.73.1 Mod Apk is out with lot of new features, You can run with your crew now, You can get coloured Jetpack, And with the latest Modded file, You get amazing characters to test and get unlimited coins to spend on your Hoverboards, Jetpack upgrades, I will list some of the features below.

Subway Surfers v 1.73.1 Mod Apk (Android & iOS) Right now

Download Subway Surfers v 1.73.1 Apk (Android & iOS) Right now

Download Subway Surfers v 1.73.1 Apk (Android & iOS) Right now


With the Subway Surfers v 1.73.1 Mod Apk, you will feel that you are flying in the air, Enjoy the characters and all the stuff.

Features of Subway Surfers v 1.73.1 Mod Apk

As a developer, Kiloo has provided something which values users, And they keep on working on it to make the game user-friendly. The game has reached more than 500 million+ active installations in Playstore, So new users, You should try this game right now. Every Android user Probably would know this game.

  • Free Acquisitions.
  • IAP purchase that is Free.
  • Super Jump.
  • Double Jump
  • Unlimited Hoverboard. “will need to have at least 1”
  •  Infinite Score Booster. “must have at least 1”
  •  Infinite Super Headstart. “will need to have at least 1”
  • Discover, and stimulate all Characters and Boards.
  • Unlimited coins.
  • Score X1000, Double score energetic.
  • Hoverboard Reactivate period set to 0s.
  • Rescue key used set to 0.
  • Training Bypassed.
  • Max-Score.
  • Unlimited Coins, Unlock All Characters right now.

So these are some of the features added, But the main notable feature is you can play duel with your friends. And you could work with your crew to escape the chance of escaping.

Download Subway Surfers v 1.73.1 Mod Apk Right now

Important Note
Download links are present inside the locker, Wait for 60 seconds to get the content unlocked.
Download Links
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  • Download the Android application, From above link.
  • Make a clean install of this application, Remove the old version.
  • Enjoy the new version of the Mod Apk file.

Download Playstore Original version now

Download Subway Surfers v 1.73.1 Mod .ipa Right now

Important Note
The Mod .ipa for iOS works only in DNS method, And other methods which are mentioned in other sites are fake, Try this and connect it.
  • Go to Wifi options in your device.
  • Press the “i” button
  • Scroll down, You will see DNS options
  • Now you have to enter these DNS address.
  • Enter this DNS address [Working World Wide]
  • Now open the .ipa file, You would be in Subway Surfers v 1.73.1 Mod Apk

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Subway Surfers v 1.73.1 Mod
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