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Rules of Survival Mod Apk/iOS – Friends, If you are hustling around and looking for some new awesome games to play on your mobile device, Then here is Rules of Survival, Which is an incredible game, It was published by Netease, Well popular Chinese game publisher, This game is in the list of top new games in Google Play Store, So We want Clash of Duty fans to also enjoy it with Rules of Survival Mod Apk.

This incredible game has large map, You can assume it like map of GTA San Andreas, It can support huge 120 people in its servers, Though the company have only one server, They are planning to expand it once the game hits the skies, The main feature of the game is that it has highly engaging 3D graphics, Which will make you fall in love with that game.

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Features of Rules of Survival Mod Apk

Rules of Survival Mod Apk


Rules of Survival Mod Apk


Rules of Survival Mod Apk


Rules of Survival Mod Apk


Rules of Survival Mod Apk

If you watched the above video, Then you could understand what the game is fully about, You have to fight against other players in the map, The above video shows you the training part of the game, This game has inbuilt buy system like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, But we use Clash of Clans Private Servers to overcome it, Similarly we will use Rules of Survival Mod Apk/Ipa for both Android and iOS, We will enjoy the paid features for free. Here are some of the features of Rules of Survival Hack 2017

  • Unlimited Resource (Coins)
  • Unlimited Armor ( You are indestructible)
  • You can now teleport like Goku on the map
  • Wear whatever clothes you would like it.
  • Improved server connectivity and lagless
  • Unlimited Guns

Rules of Survival Main Features

1. Maps in a massive game, accompanied by amazing 3D graphics. Every scene from the game, such as forests, factories, cities, deserts, warehouses, oceans, areas, is simulated in a very realistic manner … players ought to notice that, even though the map too big, you can use the smallest bushes to hide, and that means that you can develop several tactics to kill the enemy.

With Rules of Survival, all players will need to compete rather, beginning with parachute landing, and then locating fighting and weapons. Winning will depend on the skill of the participant, not depending on the player to recharge or never.

2. Weapons and equipment are diverse, free
The highlights of most survival matches generally and Rules of Survival, in particular, are extremely exotic. Players can utilize every one of the very rudimentary weapons with strong rifles.

3. Fight in groups

Where teamwork is going to be encouraged and every team will have two to 4 players (depending on the game mode) so in case you kill as many players and endure to the end you’ll get more high-value rewards.

Currently, this game has only been posted by Netease on AppStore for iOS. So only the iPhone and iPad devices could be downloaded. However, we give a .apk file that will be accessible for downloading directly below to see this great game together with your buddies and other players around the globe.

Download Rules of Survival Mod Apk (Android)

Important Note
Before proceeding to download, We want to have attentions of Clash of Duty users, All the Mods, Private servers which are provided by Clash of Duty are spam and malware free and it is tested by

In order to download, Rules of Survival Mod, You have to follow the steps listed as below, To gain quick access to the game.

  • The files are present inside the locker, Share it with anyone of favourite social media.
  • After unlocking, Download the files.
  • There will be two files, One is Apk file(Around 40 MB) and another one is OBB file (Around 550MB).
  • Download both files of Rules of Survival Mod Apk.
  • After installing Mod Apk file.
  • Place, com.netease.chiji copy into Folder android / obb (internal storage)
  • Enjoy the game.

Download Rules of Survival Mod Ipa (Iphone)

Since its a new game launched, We cannot crack on iOS, However DNS method to connect to the modded servers is working fine, Unlock the locker by sharing it in anyone of the social media, DNS address will be unlocked, You have to choose DNS address based on your location, So that you will play lag free.

Important Note
Choose the Servers close to your region, Else you are going to face huge lag or server connectivity problems.

  • USA
  • Europe
  • Asia


  • Download the files from Apple store
  • Go to Settings in your Apple Device
  • Tap Wifi Options
  • Press i below your SSID
  • Update this DNS address above present in the locker, According to your location
  • Start playing in Rules of Survival modded servers

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We hope you have liked the article on Rules of Survival Mod Apk for both Android and iOS, Soon we will be updating the servers adding new features, Subscribe to Clash of Duty and press the bell icon to receive updates instantly.


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