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Pokemon Go v 0.85.2 Apk Niantic which is publisher of this wonderful first time AR (Augmented Reality) implemented on one of the hot shows, If you are 90’s kid then you would know every kid will have this show near to its heart, And Niantic again proved us by making our childhood come true by Pokemon Go.

Watch out the trailer for Pokemon Go above, You have to catch a lot of Pokemon, And this is the first game, Which gives you experience as a real Pokemon trainer, You have to go around the physical location, Visit different location, Capture different kinds of Pokemon as exactly available in the TV show. Then you have to join any one of the clans with your soul buddies, Train your Pokemon and fight against with top players in the gym which will be available at each individual locations,

Recently Pokemon Go v 0.85.2 Apk containing several bug fixes, Our team Clash of Duty have developed a Pokemon Go v 0.85.2 Mod Apk which will be updated, And making the game more fun.

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Features of Pokemon Go v 0.85.2 Apk

Get Pokemon Go v 0.85.2 Apk One Click Download Right Now! Get Pokemon Go v 0.85.2 Apk One Click Download Right Now! Get Pokemon Go v 0.85.2 Apk One Click Download Right Now!

There are not many notable features in this version, Several bug fixes which are listed below are fixed.

  • Various bugs such as GPS issue, A single Pokemon appearing multiple times, the Pokedex bug has been fixed.
  • Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, These Pokemon are found more frequently near some areas.
  • Catching, hatching, evolving, and more
  • You have to capture and defend your own gym
  • Join a clan

These are some of the features added in Pokemon Go v 0.85.2 Apk, We will post a new article when there is new features added.

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Download Pokemon Go v 0.85.2 Apk

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Follow the steps below

  • Download the latest Pokemon Go Apk from the below link.
  • Remove any old version.
  • Its one-click download, No Ads and stupid stuff.
  • Make a clean install, And enjoy the game.
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