Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0 Hack IOS Users Without Jailbreak – Detailed

Today we are going to discuss about the Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0 Hack I-OS in a detailed procedure in this post. This method works for the latest version of the Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0. Let us see how to hack Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0 into your iPhone or iPad….

For some other mods, the user must jailbreak their iPhone or iPad to make use of those mods, it will be very hard to jailbreak the iPhone or iPad. But now we are going to use another method to hack Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0 using PC



  • A PC running on windows or Mac OS
  • iPhone or iPad in which the game is to be played
  • Latest iTunes software on your PC

What’s New in Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0?

There are some interesting updates in Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0 update…

  • Incense-It is used to attract the Pokemon towards you so that you can easily capture the Pokemon near you.Now you can get Pokemon’s easily without roaming somewhere.
  • Now you can capture the location of the Pokemon captured and you can save that information for later use of the location.

Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0 Hack I-OS procedure.

The procedure is very simple…

  • First backup and remove the older version of the game from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then download Cydia impactor on your PC running on Windows using cydiaimpactor.com in your PC.
  • Download Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0.You can download Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0 using the link give on the bottom of the post.
  • Now connect your iPhone or iPad with the PC using USB cable.
  • Now open Cydia impactor on your PC.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0 apk file on the software in your PC.
  • Now you will see a Window which asks for Apple id and pass, Here you must use your real Apple account information in order to download the game.
  • Now on your device, Go to Settings>General>Profiles&device managements and tap trust apple id option and tap trust in the popup window.
  • That’s it, you have Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0 Hack on your iPhone.
  • You can play the game now on your iPhone or iPad

Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0 Hack I-OS Users Without Jailbreak - Detailed


Now you can play the hacked game on your device anytime. There will be no problem with the game server while playing the game.You can play the game freely without any restrictions. For further updates keep visiting our blog and do subscribe to know more about future updates.

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