Last Day on Earth Survival v 1.6.10 Mod Apk/Ipa Latest Version

If you are a game freak, You would have heard about this awesome game for sure, This game is an awesome survival game, As the name indicates you have to fight for your survival by killing dangerous zombies, You have to build your own base, Safe guard yourself against the dangerous zombies, See the gameplay below, This game will make your brain think alot of strategies and work on, Though their paid features inside the game, Clash of Duty team will provide you Last Day on Earth Survival v 1.6.10 Mod Apk/Ipa which you can acess to the paid things easily with it.

The above video talks it all about the game you need to know, Last Day on Earth is a completely free MMORPG zombie shot survival, You have to save your life and its one of the best strategy game, where all survivors are driven by one goal: stay alive and survive as long as possible in this post-apocalypse game and take walking dead zombies. There’s no place left for friendship, compassion and love. A deadly plague virus pandemic has turned the world into a dead zone filled with unkilled zombies. You can expect only yourself in this post-apocalyptic game infected with walking dead zombies.

Features of Last Day on Earth Survival v 1.6.10 Mod Apk/Ipa

Inorder to survive in the game, You need to follow this instruction carefully

Last Day on Earth Survival v 1.6.10 Mod


Last Day on Earth Survival v 1.6.10 Mod


Last Day on Earth Survival v 1.6.10 Mod


Last Day on Earth Survival v 1.6.10 Mod

You are Surrounded by Zombies and Enemies

You are alone in the game, And you have to play against other survivors and walking dead zombies which always wants to destroy you, You have to fire on the zombies, Kill it to survive in this awesome game or you will be ripped by them, Survival of the Fittest will be here.

Make Sure to Join  a Clan and Destroy Zombies With Buddies

You can destroy zombies with other game survivors, You can build strategies together to destroy those harmful creatures, So to ensure more safety join clans and kill zombies as much as you can!

Keep on Crafting Essential for Your Survival

You can continuously improve your game strategy by your crafting skills, Craft different items by collecting different resources from the map, Craft structures, Buildings, Equipment for your survival. You can also throw bait to drive zombies towards the traps

Conquer new Territories

You can conquer new territories and destroy zombies to conquer that area

Exclusive Mod Features of Last Day on Earth Survival v 1.6.10 Mod Apk

Unlimited Coins, Guns and Much More, Check out the video below.

1.) Unlimited Energy (refill with golden coins)
2.) Free Craft and Build Materials (Instant Crafting + Resource Bypass: You are able to construct or Upgrade anything at no cost)
3.) Endless Craft Points (Your crafting points increase instead of decreasing if you invest them in patterns)
4.) Reduce Hunger fall
6.) Endless Gold Coins (Insert Coins every single time with coins. Your coins won’t ever decrease. They’ll increase when you invest them rather than decreasing. You are able to purchase anything using the coins however expensive it may be: On Map, Shop, Reset Skill, Purchase XP increase)
7.) Quick recovery health and desire (Drink water or consume = Immediate 100% revive appetite, hunger & wellbeing)
9.) Free Blueprints (No study points required)
10.) Infinite Gas for chopper

Installation of Last Day on Earth Survival v 1.6.10 Mod Apk/Ipa

1. Extract Obb Data to Android/Obb Folder using ES FILE Explorer PRO. Don’t bypass this step. If you don’t install obb info you will get this message: ‘download failed because you did not purchase the app”, The data files are present inside the locker
2. Install .apk document and open match. Play for 30 seconds in order to create the zombie.survival.craft.z folder
3. Proceed Android/Data/zombie. Survival.craft.z and delete files and cache
4. Extract Save Data – place in the path to android/data/zombie. survival.craft.z
5. Open game. If you have save data installation problems watch video above

Follow the instructions as mentioned in the video properly, Download links are present inside the locker, Unlock it by anyone of your favourite social media.

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We hope you have liked article on Last Day on Earth Survival v 1.6.10 Mod Apk, The mod is working perfectly in our end, We will update the mod soon for iOS users, As the work is under process, Do subscribe to Clash of Duty and press the bell icon to receive updates instantly

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