Hay Day Private Servers June 2017 (Android & iOS) Unlimited Everything

Friends, It has been very long since Hay Day game has been updated, Last update was on Mar 27, 2017, And still people are looking for working Hay day v 1.33.13 Mod Apk, And as the new month just popped out, Hay Day Private Servers June 2017 has been specially designed for our fans.

Hay Day Private Servers June 2017 (Android & iOS)


Hay Day Private Servers June 2017 (Android & iOS)


Hay Day Private Servers June 2017 (Android & iOS)


Hay Day Private Servers June 2017 (Android & iOS)


Hay Day Private Servers June 2017 (Android & iOS)

The above picture is just only for newbies. As it will seem old to the regular players of Hay Day, Newbies, Get ready to install Hay Day on your Android and iOS device, Because this game is an awesome farming and financial management game, Where you have to cultivate different crops and manufacture and sell different diary products. The problem in the game is that Some items are paid in the game, So to bypass that we are going for Hay Day Private Servers July 2017 (aka) Hay Day v 1.33.133 Mod Apk.

Newbies, See the above video, You will understand what the game is, And I am damn sure that you will install the game right now, Good news is that the developer of Hay Day is also same as Clash of Clans which is Supercell

Check out Playstore version of the game.

Features of Hay Day Private Servers June 2017

  • Grow and customize your own farm.
  • Grow your farm with unlimited resources
  • Buy whatever resources you want.
  • You can build your town and welcome visitors.
  • Trade with your friends.

Download Hay Day Private Servers June 2017 Android

For Android users, The process is simple, You just have to download the Hay Day Mod Application and install it.

Download Links
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  • Android Users, Download the above file and install it and play it on your device.
  • Make sure you use a separate Google id to login to the Hay Day Private Servers June 2017.
  • Shop and Enjoy as many characters, You want and enjoy.

Get Hay Day Mod Apk v 1.33.133 iOS

Important Note
All DNS Address are Geo- based select one which is very near to you, And keep on trying till it get connected, As the new update launched now only, It will take time to connect.

For iOS, We will be connecting to different Geo’s using DNS address.

  • Before you start connecting, Clear all your Caches of Old Hay Day Mod, Else it won’t connect.
  • open Settings.
  • Then go to WiFi Options.
  • Now tap on the ‘i‘ icon beside your SSID.
  • Then replace or put any of the followings in your Primary DNS:
    USA: 523.154.51.25
  • Now start Hay Day Mod Apk, wait for 5-10 seconds, Hope you would be in Hay Day Mod free.


We hope you have enjoyed the article about Hay Day Mod APk v 1.33.133, If you wish to receive more updates like this make sure you stick to our subscriptions by pressing the bell icon and all do subscribe.



Hay Day Private Servers June 2017
  • Server Connectivity
  • UI & Performance
  • Game Rating

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    enjoy Rishi!

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Good app

Stranger - August 1, 2018

hey admin … i’m using android and i was changed dns1 and nothing happening. Can u help me?

    undertaker75 - August 2, 2018

    Please check updated posts.


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