Hay Day 2 – Everything You Need to Know [Complete Knowledge]

Friends, It is really good news, It seems that after the grand success of Hay Day 1, Supercell is going to release Hay Day 2, Hay Day is famous farm management game where people have to build farm, Plan and harvest different crops, And there are a lot of things in it too.

Recently there was a Hay Day Sneak Peek check it out.

Before proceeding Further please check video leaks about Hay Day 2

By playing Hay Day, You could learn to lay land, Plan new crops, Trade with your friends and neighbours around you. Hay Day is free to play the game, But if you spend some Dollars, You are going to speed up the process of gaming. But people won’t like to spend their hard earned money in games, So if you want to prevent your kid from purchasing Diamonds, Make sure you lock your purchase settings of Play Store app.

After the success of Hay Day 1 having millions of worldwide fans, Supercell is planning to launch Hay Day 2, But they have not confirmed anything in the official, But our team in Helsinki, Finland gathered information about it. The new features are really really awesome which I love it, Hope you like the Hay Day 2 leaked information.

If you haven’t started playing Hay Day 2, Then it is time to play the game.

Hay Day 2 Cast Leaks

We know that there are lot of characters in Hay Day 1 and each of them play a different role, Like that Hay Day 2 also has its set of characters and animals, Which I will demonstrate shortly, According to the informations we got.



Hay Day 2 - Everything You Need to Know [Complete Knowledge]

  • He is Johny.
  • Marie’s Young Cousin.
  • He is best at Foraging Farm Land and roams around the village.


Hay Day 2 - Everything You Need to Know [Complete Knowledge]

  • She is Mary.
  • She says that we managed her Grandpa was our mentor in Hay Day 1
  • She is a born farmer, Plant and Animals lover.
  • She is best at guiding us to the game.


Hay Day 2 - Everything You Need to Know [Complete Knowledge]

  • He is Calvin.
  • He is a brave miner, Loves to explore things under your farm.
  • He is a friend of Johny.


Hay Day 2 - Everything You Need to Know [Complete Knowledge]

  • He is Pike.
  • He is one of the finest fish sellers in your village.
  • He will help you in selling fish in the market.
  • You can also buy fish from him.


Hay Day 2 - Everything You Need to Know [Complete Knowledge]

  • She is Heidi, Marie’s school friend.
  • She loves to work with cows.
  • She is a neighbour of Marie and love to work with cattle.


Hay Day 2 - Everything You Need to Know [Complete Knowledge]

  • She is also a proffesional fisher.
  • She will also help you in fishing.
  • She is living in this village for a longer period of time.

That’s all the information about the cast we have obtained now friends, We will update you later, When we will full list of Hay Day 2, Do subscribe, Now let’s see the features of Hay Day 2.

Features of Hay Day 2

There are a lot of features added in Hay Day 2, And also some of the features are upgraded from Hay Day 1.

  • Harvest Fresh Crops of your favourite fruits and vegetables.
  • Customise your farm, Make it attractive like heaven.
  • Do Collect and discover new items around the map in Hay Day 2.
  • Nurture and raise a wide variety of cattle animals like Dogs, Cows.
  • Explore a new Hay Day 2 story with special farm adventures.
  • Build a family farm, So that your friends can visit you.
  • Fish with you fellow friends, Sell them with Pike.
  • Decorate your garden with beautiful plants and flowers.
  • Trade and chat with friends anonymously from all over the world.
  • Earn daily rewards by spinning the prize wheel.

These are all the some of features of Hay Day 2, Game will be launched soon, It is expected to launch by the end of this year December 2017.

Some Leaked Video About Hay Day 2

This video can explain far better than my content, Thanks for watching.

There was a discussion in Supercell forums, You saw it?? if not Check Here


Friends, I can understand your eagerness, Please wait for the official confirmation of the Supercell, If we receive any more news about Hay Day 2 we will update the news to you as soon as possible, Please do subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates in haste. Share this article with your friends, So that they can also be excited about this stuff 🙂


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