Fire Emblem Heroes Mod June 2017 (Android & iOS) UL Orbs

Fire Emblem Heroes Mod June 2017 –  Brothers! it is time to unleash our sword in Fire Emblem Heroes, Where we are a mighty hero, Fighting for the side of a unique kingdom, This game gone crazy when it was launched during the month of February, The game is interestingly Real-Time strategy game, People are looking for working Mods all over the internet, But they failed to get the working one. By end of this article, You will get Fire Emblem Heroes v 1.3.0 Mod for both your Android and iOS devices.

Fire Emblem Heroes Mod June 2017 (Android & iOS) UL Orbs

Fire Emblem Heroes Mod June 2017 (Android & iOS) UL Orbs

Fire Emblem Heroes Mod June 2017 (Android & iOS) UL Orbs

Fire Emblem Heroes Mod June 2017 (Android & iOS) UL Orbs

Fire Emblem Heroes Mod June 2017 (Android & iOS) UL Orbs

If you are new to game, I would like to mention that, This game is developed by the gaming legend Nintendo, Who is master of making games and made our childhood with awesome crazy games awesome, Recently Pokemon Go was launched by them but it didn’t reach that well. But Fire Emblem Heroes is different from that and you must try it.

Look at the above pictures and video to understand what the game is about, It is not officially released in India and some other countries, If you request me to upload Apk files, I can upload.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes Apk for Non-released countries

Features of Fire Emblem Heroes v 1.3.0 Mod Apk

Check out the below live gameplay of the game.

  • An epic questThe world with two kingdoms: the Askran Kingdom, which stands in its approach, as well as the Emblian Empire, which wishes to tip all sides.

    You are a summoner with the unique capability to contact from different Fire Emblem realms upon popular People. As a way to conserve the Empire of Askr from destruction, join the Order of People and experience a neverending challenge.

    Intense battles

    Indulge in tactical flip -based challenges streamlined for on-the-get play with routes that easily fit in the palm of your hand! You’ll need to think hard in regards to the pros and cons of each Herois weapon—and as you battle, even measure the map itself. Guide your military with move adjustments and easy touch, such as the ability to invasion by simply swiping at an ally over an enemy.

    Unique characters meet popular Heroes

    The game features Idol characters from the Fire Emblem line and some brand-new Characters created by musician Yusuke Kozaki acknowledged on Fire Logo Awakening for his work. While others may stand-in your way as ferocious enemies to become overcome and added to your military some People can fight as friends at your part.

    Several Features let you play repeatedly

    In addition to the principle narrative, there are many different ways compete against different participants, where you are able to bolster your friends, and more. Likewise, free updates can proceed to incorporate other shocks, information, and new Hero characters to preserve you absorbed with hours of added gameplay.

    History Maps: The tale offers fresh Hero figures in addition to common faces in the Fire Emblem line. Direct your military to victory to save lots of Askr’s Kingdom.

    Education Tower: Participate In battle situations of varying difficulty that you could enjoy repeatedly to make returns and experience (EXP) for your partners. Every time you undertake these maps, the opponents and landscape change to provide a fresh concern.

    Arena Duels: fight your opponents all over the world. Your highscore and rank will decide your rewards—items that will increase your Heroes’ capabilities.

    Hero Battles: Under Exclusive Routes, discover numerous combat cases that exist to get a limited time. Beat the Characters who oppose one to encourage them to affix you being an ally.

These are some of the features of Fire Emblem Heroes Mod Apk, For more updates, Please stay tuned.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes Mod June 2017 Android

For Android users, The process is simple, You just have to download the Fire Emblem Heroes Mod Application and install it.

Download Links
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  • Android Users, Download the above file and install it and play it on your device.
  • Make a clean install of this application, Delete the old ones.
  • Make sure you use a separate Google id to login to the Fire Emblem Heroes Mod June 2017.
  • You will enjoy unlimited Orbs, Feather Hack/Rarity Editor/Level Editor & More.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes Mod June 2017 iOS

Important Note
DNS method works only for people in USA, Other users, Please wait for the other DNS to come.
  • Before you start connecting, Clear all your Caches of Old Fire Emblem Heroes, Else it won’t connect.
  • Download latest version from Apple Store
  • open Settings.
  • Then go to WiFi Options.
  • Now tap on the ‘i‘ icon beside your SSID.
  • Then replace or put any of the followings in your Primary DNS:
  • Now start Fire Emblem Heroes downloaded from Apple store, wait for 5-10 seconds.

Check Out Fire Emblem Heroes Mod Old Version


We hope you have enjoyed the article on Fire Emblem Heroes v 1.3.0 Mod Apk, I am sorry for the iOS users as DNS servers are not available for other country users right now, I will update you, As soon as our team works on it, Please subscribe and hit the bell icon to get the updates instantly.

Fire Emblem Heroes Mod Apk June
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