Download Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod APK &iOS (Heros Unlocked)

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod is out, So what’sup guys?? After a long time a wonderful game is launched, And this game is combined with my soul, Because it is Power Rangers, It is my favourite show and it entertained me throughout my childhood, I hope the same for you guys.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars has been launched only in Canada and people in other countries are eagerly waiting for it too launched, Now you don’t need to wait till March 23 to get the game published, We will provide you download link where you can download the APK and get into the game and have fun.

By the end of this article you will get Power Rangers Legacy Wars MOD which is for both Android and iOS, By using this you can unlock all the Rangers and Monsters and also you can get Unlimited Power Coins. Check out the video, made by me.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Features

The game is designed by nWay, This game is a action packed fighting game, Like Real steel, Where you have to fight solo or with your team against your enemy and his teams.

  • Rita Repulsa, A monster (Space Witch) who creates Clone Rangers and other powerful monsters, He send them to planet Morphin Grid to destroy it.
  • You will have to control squads of legendary rangers, To destroy and clear the enemies from each area.
  • Earn XP from victorious battles.
  • Pick the ranger whose attacks works best for you.
  • 40 + Warriors and Rangers present in the game.
  • Each Ranger has 3 Chargeable attacks. Form a squad save the planet Morphin Grid!!

This game will be launched officially in PlayStore on March 23, The game has some areas where you have to purchase such as power coins which is used to unlock heroes and level up them, With this Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod you can get unlimited Coins and unlock the heroes very easily. Just follow the instructions said below.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars – Mod Features

As I said above, Some of the things cost inside the game, You can get them for free using Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod APK 2017. Here are some features of it.

  • Unlimited Power Coins. Tap on the screen and add as much you want.
  • Unlock Whatever rangers you want and also the monsters, Choose whom you want to fight with.
  • Charge won’t deplete it will stay at 10 all time.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod – Step By Step Guide for Android

  • Download the Application file below, Just wait for 75 seconds.
  • Download the RAR file and extract it using Winrar.
  • the password is
  • Install and enjoy.
  • If you want power coins and as many as you want.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod – Step by Step Guide for iOS

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then to WiFi Options.
  • Now tap on the ‘i‘ icon beside your SSID name.
  • Then replace or put any of the followings in your Primary DNS, Listed in the Download link.
  • Now start Power Rangers Legacy Wars, wait for 5-10 seconds, you will discover.

Download Links

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Download Links

DNS Adresses




Hope you have enjoyed the article, If you are facing any problems in Power Rangers Legacy wars, don’t hesitate to contact me, Share it wth your friends, So that everyone can also enjoy.



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mahin - May 8, 2017

Hey bro can you give me the clash royals updated and letes private server link.
I hope you help me.

    undertaker75 - May 8, 2017

    wait for few seconds, the link will be unlocked automatically.

bhargav - June 1, 2017

what is the password to extract it from winrar

    undertaker75 - June 1, 2017

    password is clearly mentioned.

Anshul - August 30, 2017

Can we update this apk. ??

    undertaker75 - August 30, 2017

    Yes, It will be updated soon.

gamer - March 18, 2018

How do i unlock the download link?

    undertaker75 - March 18, 2018

    Do share it in any of the social media bro!

Shriram - August 7, 2018

Hey bro how to get unlimited coins and crystals

    undertaker75 - August 8, 2018

    Follow Above Steps Mentioned!!

Yash - August 26, 2018

Where did i get the rar file.. Please gi e the link.

    undertaker75 - August 28, 2018

    The download link is present inside the locker bro!


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