Download Clash Royale V 1.8.0 Mod APK [New Troops Hack + Unlimited Gems]

Friends, Clash Royale V 1.8.0 Mod APK is out, Clash Royale V 1.8.0 is out with some new unique updates, Which everyone will love. In the old update of Clash Royale Mod, Many people were complaining that game got stuck at 50 %. In this Clash Royale V 1.8.0, We are fixing those errors and also providing the new features such as new troops, Resources, All for free within our APK.

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Clash Royale New Version also consists of new troops such as the Night Witch, Bats, Bandit, Healing Spell, And we all know that people are very excited about getting those troops and testing it, But however some of the troops in it is legendary Common. A common man cannot afford to buy and test troops instantly. So, In Clash Royale V 1.8.0 Mod APK we have included all the features such as new troops, Which is planned to launch in a particular interval of time. So, Guys, Sit back relax, Read the article till the end.

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Clash Royale V 1.8.0 Mod APK Features

There are some various features added in this mod, Some of the main features are the New troops and each of the troop has some unique abilities which will be added in this update.

  • All the New Troops such as Night Witch, Bandit, Bats, Healing Spell added and it can be used n Number of times, Could be upgraded to maximum level.
  • Draft Challenge for each troop is opened, You can fight enemy fully with the Draft Challenge troop.
  • Unlimited Gems, Resources.
  • Real human players, To compete with.
  • Legendary Arena is renamed to Hog Mountain.

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Clash Royale Private Server (1)

Clash Royale Private Server (1)

Clash Royale Private Server (1)


We currently don’t have updated version for iOS users, Please apologise, We will soon update the DNS address and post a new article on it, Till then, We request you to subscribe and wait. Android Users Just follow the simple steps listed below.

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Both the iOS DNS address and Android Download links are present in Notepad, Download the notepad and follow the corresponding steps to access to Clash Royale Private Servers :)[/su_box]


So, guys, We hope you have enjoyed the article on Clash Royale V 1.8.0, This would enable you to experience the dashing force of Bandit, Bats spawn of the Nightwitch, iOS users just wait and watch for the updates from our side, Our team is just working very hard to provide you very good experience in Mod and private servers.

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