Download Clash Royale v 2.1.5 Mod Apk/Ipa Right Now

Download Links Updated 12/31/17 Royals, Have you read the Clash Royale balancing update which I posted days before? and Yes! The Clash Royale v 2.1.5 New update just rolled out, With new awesome card which many of you want to test, So we are providing a mod server Clash Royale v 2.1.5 Mod Apk/Ipa for both Android and iOS, So you can test out the new lovely features, We will list out the features below.

Get Clash Royale v 2.1.5 Apk Right Now

Get Clash Royale v 2.1.5 Apk One Click Download Right Now


Royals love Clash Royale Mod Apk’s/Ipa’s because it is never boring to play, As we have unlimited gems and coins, We can unlock whatever cards we want. New cards or old cards, It has different battle modes to play, Recently 2 vs 2 PVP modes were added, And overall the server is huge now. Clash of Duty server is loved by the people all over the world, And now it will make you love too. Clash Royale team has been improving regularly, And it is expected that soon a Big Christmas update will come to this game.

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Features of Clash Royale v 2.1.5 Mod Apk/Ipa

Clash Royale New Arena

There are lot of new features and also some bug fixes have been added in this update, Similar to that of Clash Royale v 2.1.5 Apk Update, These Private Servers have been designed, The features of this version are listed as below

Check out the gameplay of two new troops above, It is awesome.

  • A new card whose name is Zappies and Hunter has been added.
  • Unlimited Gems and Elixir as always
  • Hog Rider speed is reduced by 0.1 Sec, Reduced from 1.6 Sec to 1.5 Sec
  • Knight hit speed which is from 1.2 Second to 1.1 Second.
  • Skeleton Barrel added death damage now.
  • Elixir collector have -13 % HP
  • All kinds of Goblins now has reduced attack damage by 6%
  • Guards are powerful now with +5% Damage, +5% HP and hit speed have been improved.
  • There are more features added in this Clash Royale v Mod, You have to just play and discover it.
  • Battle with real players, 2 vs 2 PVP has been added.

These are some of the features added in this Clash Royale v 2.1.5 Mod Apk, More features will be added on Clash of Duty Servers as soon as the versions will get updated, Subscribe to Clash of Duty newsletter and press the bell icon button, So that you can receive updates instantly directly to your inbox.

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Download Clash Royale v 2.1.5 Mod Apk Now

The download procedure for Clash Royale v2.1.5 Mod Apk is simple, For Android users, they simply have to download this Android Modded Application and iOS users they have to download the Modded IPA file, Follow the steps which are mentioned below.

  • Unlock the social locker, By sharing it with anyone of the social media, If it shows any kind of error, Please do refresh the website, It will be ok.
  • Download the server from your suitable link.
  • Make a clean install, Remove any old versions if you have, Install it.
  • Give sufficient permissions and enjoy play the latest version.
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Clash Royale Private Servers v 2.1.5 Error

These are the simple steps to get into Clash Royale v Private Servers, Let’s check on how to get into Clash Royale v Mod Ipa, Sometimes you might get the error as listed above, Please try logging in again, It is because of the server is almost full, Please click on trying again, You will be connected when someone leaves the server, Keep on trying, Until you get into Clash Royale Private Server v 2.1.5.

Read more about this update on Clash Royale official blog

Download Clash Royale v 2.1.5 Mod Ipa Now

We were using DNS method for long time to connect to CR Mod Ipa for iOS users, But many users felt laggy with it, So Modded IPA which is present below, Requires no root and you can play it directly.

  • Download the Clash Royale v 2.1.5 Mod Ipa below.
  • Unlock it with any favourite social media, We know this is a tough task for you, But it is done to improve our visibility, Your friend might get in playing on our servers.
  • Give sufficient permissions.
  • Enjoy the game


We hope you have enjoyed the article on Clash Royale v 2.1.5 Mod Apk/Ipa, Do subscribe to newsletter, The versions are updated regularly, You need to subscribe to Clash of Duty and press the bell icon below, So that when the servers are updated, You will get immediate notification, If you are facing any issues and bugs, Don’t hesitate to contact Clash of Duty! from the contact form below.

Clash Royale v 2.1.5 Mod
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When i click on download mod IPA i still download the APK so i cant use it on ipad

Ios 11.2.2

    undertaker75 - August 13, 2018

    Get the latest version 🙂


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