Download Clash Royale v 2.0.7 Apk Latest (Android)

Clash Royale v 2.0.7 Apk is out after the great Halloween gaming events organised by Clash Royale team, Now its time for few updates, Updates such as Skeleton Barrels have been added and several bugs have been fixed, You can update your game with a single click on Clash of Duty.

The video is Skeleton barrel trailer, Which is added and main feature of Clash Royale v 2.0.0 Apk, You can also check out Clash Royale v2.0.0 Mod Apk which have unlimited gems and gold coins which you can use to improve your skills and have some great fun. You can update in official playstore too. But if you are on PC, And you need Clash Royale latest Apk file inorder to play on PC, Bigger screen, You can download it from here.

Features of Clash Royale v 2.0.7 Apk

  • Skeleton Barrel Added.
  • Touch Down, Quests, Gold Rush and Gem rush are here.
  • You can now take daily and weekly quests to earn epic rewards
  • Touchdown is an interesting sporty game mode without towers!
  • You can earn gold and gems by taking down towers during gold rush and gem rush events
  • Now you can chat and have a rematch with your 2 v 2 teammate

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Download Clash Royale v 2.0.7 Apk

Important Note
Before proceeding to download, We want to have attention of Clash of Duty users, All the Apk’s, Mods, Private servers which are provided by Clash of Duty are spam and malware free and it is tested by
  • Download the latest Clash Royale Version.
  • Uninstall previous versions if you have.
  • Enjoy the new version of the game.

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We hope you have enjoyed the article on Clash Royale v 2.0.7 Apk, By this year end, it has been expected that some massive update is going to be released in Clash Royale, So subscribe to Clash of Duty newsletter and press the bell icon to receive instant updates.


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