Clash Royale Balance Update (1/24) Complete Details!

Hello Clash Royals, New Clash Royale Balance Update (1/24) is going to be updated very soon, And this is the first balancing update of the Clash Royale game this year, Supercell has clearly mentioned in their blog that, They approach the balancing update as the way of continuously playtesting, Listening to Community, Getting feedback from them, And they never forget to satisfy our Clash Royale Gameplay.

The New Balancing update, Consists of some changes in several troops, Troops such as Royal Ghost which was recently added, Night Witch, Lava Hound, Goblin Hut, Bats, Zappies, Mortar, Hunter, Some of their performance has been increased and some of them are nerfed, We will discuss everythings in this article, Stay tuned with Clash of Duty! Read till the end.

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Clash Royale Balance Update (1/24) Changes

As said above, There are lot of changes within the powerful troops, My personal troop suggestion is that Hog’s power has been reduced, I want Supercell to make him stronger back, Similar to my opinion, You fans will have lot of suggestions, Let me know in comment section which of your favourite cards needs to strengthen or Which overpowered cards you think they need to nerfed.

  • Royal Ghost – This mighty guy’s damage has been reduced by 6 %, Invisibility delay from 0.7 Sec —->1.2 Sec, Hitspeed increased by 1 Sec from 1.7 Sec to 1.8 Sec.
  • Zappies will now target both Ground and Air
  • Hunter range has been reduced from 5–>4 and bullets spreading area is now reduced.
  • Night Witch will now spawn initial bats bit quick
  • Bats Hitspeed 1 Sec —> 1.1 Sec
  • Lava Hound is now much stronger has +5% HP
  • Goblin Hut Spawn Speed 4.9 Sec From 5.0 Sec
  • Mini PEKKA has now 7% more HP
  • Lumberjack has 7% More HP now
  • Mortar Minimum Range 4.5 —->3.5 ( Reduced)

More Resources –> Supercell Official Blog

These are some of the changes in the Clash Royale Balance Update (1/24), Yep, Royal Ghost was sort of overpowered and its now fixed, We are expecting Clash Royale Update Soon, If that happens, Soon You guys would be getting new Clash Royale Private Servers Update for this month.

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