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Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Mod Apk/Ipa – The Big Spring update is just released hours before, The New Clash of Clans update consists of New Builder Hall 8, New Buildings, New Spells which could be unlocked as rewards from clan games, New Trader, For few months, Clash of Clans fans feeling the game was boring and not interesting as before, So Supercell decided to add some spice to the game, And hence Supercell launched this big update Clash of Clans March 2018

The above video is a funny video on war between P.E.K.K.A and Super P.E.K.K.A, Super P.E.K.K.A is unlocked at builder hall 8, Its major power is that it explodes after death which could eat up the Builder Hall, Watch the above funny video, Played on Clash of Clans Private Servers March 2018, Which you could easily download here.

You may ask a question, How Clan Games going to make the game interesting, The game got so popular because it is a multiplayer game, A group of friends on the same clan, Let me share you my experience, When I started playing Clash of Clans, We all friends decided to start clan, We started competing with each other, Which added fuel to the gameplay, Then the Clash of Clans game started spreading to all over the college, That’s how it went viral for several months.

In This Clash of Clans Spring 2018 Update, The New Magic items have been added which significantly will boost your performance in the game, There are lot of magic items such as some will fill up your resources, Some will upgrade your walls and much more interesting are there!

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Similar to that, Clan Games are the games which are played together by members of a clan, There is a cumulative point when each of the clan members performs well in the game. And some unique rewards are delivered when the Clan Games time is over.

Download Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Mod Apk/Ipa Right Now

The main problem with official Clash of Clans servers are Clan Games are just for limited time, The tasks in the Clan Games are so interesting, That you would forget other games, So in Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Mod Apk/Ipa we have modded the official app, So that Clan games are additional feature which won’t be removed, Some other features also have been added. Watch out the video above, You will get more understanding of the Clan Games.

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Features of Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Mod Apk/Ipa

By end of this article, We will be providing ways to download Clash of Clans Private Servers v 10.134.4 Mod for both Android and iOS, As said above some unique features added in latest Clash of Duty Servers.

  • New Troops Such Super P.E.K.K.A is unlocked with ease and also the new building Mega Tesla
  • The trader is now part of the game.
  • Clan Games are now part of the game, You can enjoy with your friends forever.
  • Unlimited Gems/ Coins are added as always
  • New Magic Items which could be collected from Clan Games.
  • New Loading Screen, Which looks awesome.

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These are some of the features added in this latest Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Mod Apk.

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Download Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Mod Apk

The download links are present below inside the locker, In order to unlock the latest version, Please do unlock it by anyone of the option showed overlocker, This will help us improving our Private Servers visibility

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The installation of Mod Apk is very simple, Follow the steps below

  • Remove any old versions of Clash of Duty Private Servers
  • Download the Clash of Clans v 10.134 Mod Apk, From any one of the links.
  • Make a clean installation of the downloaded Apk
  • Enjoy the game.

Download Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Mod Ipa

Many iOS users are upset because there is no proper Clash of Clans Mod released for them, But your search ends here, Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Mod Ipa contains the same feature as Clash of Clans Mod Apk Follow the simple steps you will get Ipa file.

Download Links
[sociallocker id=1389] [/sociallocker]

follow the above steps same as android, Give sufficient permissions.


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