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Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Apk is out for both Android and iOS, Clashers there are some notably good features added in this latest Clash of Clans update, Some of the notable features are Clan games are back in Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Apk, There is a new fresh look updated with Clash of Clans, The new layout is looking awesome.

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The Main Word to say about Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Apk is the addition of Super P.E.K.K.A and Mega Tesla and Builder hall 8 is added which is considered one of the biggest upgrades in Clash of Clans. And also some of the new clan games challenges are also added in this latest Clash of Clans latest version update.

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Clan games are games which are available for very limited amount of time, Like 3 Days, 4 Days, But this time it is expected to last for a week, For those people who don’t know what is Clan Games, I will explain you fully in this article, Clan Games are the games which are played by the whole clan, Each member has to contribute to Clan Points, Similar to that of in Clash Royale, I really love this feature, Because it improves overall teamwork within the team.

There are lot of tasks which appear both for you and your clan mates, Each of you should complete the given task within the given time, On completing the tasks you will gain points as well as your Whole Clan, When the overall cumulative clan points increase, Rewards from various section get unlocked, Some of the notable rewards are Magic Book, Resource booster. Watch the video about Clan Games above. This is just back with Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Apk

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Features of Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Apk


There are some good notable features added in this latest update, Some of them are

  • New Builder Hall 8 have arrived along with very new deadly weapons, Mega Tesla and Super P.E.K.K.A
  • A Mystical Trader with a daily selection of magical chests have arrived in the home village
  • The update also includes new magic items, New Clan Games, Challenges and much more!

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These are some of the features added in Clash of Clans v 10.134.4 Apk,  We would recommend you to update your Clash of Clans to the latest version in one click by downloading on Clash of Duty.

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The main problem of this latest version of Clash of Clans is that the Clan games will be gone within a limited time, But in our Clash of Duty Clash of Clans Private servers the Clan games are available forever, You can enjoy as long as you want. Soon, Clash of Duty team will be updating to the latest version of Clash of Clans Private Servers. Thanks for reading, Do subscribe to Clash of Duty, Press the bell icon to receive updates, News about latest trending games.


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