Clash of Clans June 2017 Balancing Update – Detailed info

Clashers, Exciting news for all of us, Clash of Clans June 2o17 Balancing update is coming with lot of new features, Especially P.E.K.K.A level 6, Makes me cannot wait, We can expect this update within this week, Lot of bug fixes and lot of upgrades of troops has been added, I will list you each one of them below. Read it till end, Check out the game play, It’s to give you an idea by Supercell (updated)

Changes in Clash of Clans June 2017 Balancing Update

New Defensive information changes

Supercell wants us to upgade to the next level of defensive buildings.

  • NEW: Cannon level 15 (TH11)
    Cannon levels 10-14, Upgrade time and cost has been occasionally discounted.
  • NEW: Archer Tower level 15 (TH11)
    Archer Tower levels 9-14, Upgrade time or cost has been discounted.
  • NEW: Inferno Tower level 5 (TH11)
    Inferno Tower levels 2-4 cost or upgrade time has been reduced
    Inferno Tower stage 4th level multi-mode damage has been improved
    Inferno Tower single-method 1st level damage continues to be changed to complement multi-mode destruction

New Offensive Version updates

  • NEW: P.E.K.K.A. level 6 (TH11)
    P.E.K.K.A. Cost or upgrade time will be reduced for an occasion.
  • NEW: Wizard level 8 (TH11)
    wizard level 6-7 upgrade time and cost will be reduced for few time.
  • NEW: Healer level5 (TH11)
    At last, the -awaited new Healer amount is here now!
  • NEW: Miner level5 (TH11)
    Miner Upgrade costs and time is reduced for season.
    Miner level 3 is currently available at Town Hall 10 (was at TH11)
  • NEW: Wall Breaker level 7 (TH11)
    Wall Breaker Time for upgrade or cost is reduced.
  • Hog Rider amounts 6-7 hitpoints have been increased

These are some of few upgrades of the existing troops, For which upgrade are you waiting eagerly?? I am waiting for P.E.K.K.A level 6, Do let me know in the comment section, As I am eager to know your favourite troops.

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Friends, We hope you have like the article Clash of Clans June 2017 Balancing Update, It is officially confirmed but, We still don’t know whether we will get time reduction discount or the cost reduction per upgrade, The new looks of the troops will be awesome, I will share with you as soon as it will be launched, Stay tuned to Clash of Duty



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