Clash of Clans May 2017 Balancing Update is Coming Soon!!

Clash of Clans May 2017 Balancing Update can be launched anytime, I know we all are waiting for Clash of Clans Big Update coming this month which consists of some cool stuff such as Boats and some of the other exciting features, Supercell states on their Official Facebook page that

They clearly mentioned that They are some of the balancing changes and there’s much more exciting content will come in the Clash of Clans Big Update May 2017. So, I will be explaining ellaborately about what are the things are getting powered as well as nerfed. Read till the end :). This is Supercell Official Facebook page, You can like it anytime you want.

Changes in Clash of Clans May 2017 Balancing Update

There are a lot of changes in this update, It has been mentioned that both the balancing update as well as the big update go together simultaneously at the same time.

Clone Spell

  • Clone Spell gets one level up which is level 5 on Townhall 11.
  • Clone Spell level 3 gets unlocked in Townhall 10 itself.
  • Clone Spell would carry more cloning capacity, the Maximum level of Clone spell can clone 40 space which is unlocked in Town Hall 11.

Freeze Spell

  • Freeze Spell level 6 is going to come.
  • The time while facing against an Eagle Artillery also counts.

Healing Spell

  • New Level 7, Unlocked at Townhall 10.
  • Now against inferno tower, the Healing spell will heal some HP.

Gold Mine And Elixir Collector.

  • Gold Mine and Elixir collector, 7th level of it is available in Townhall 9, Previously was in Townhall 10.

Other Small Changes

  • Bomb damage is increased, It is mentioned that One bomb can kill a wall breaker of the same level.
  • Balloons have increased rate of attack, This doesn’t mean the damage will increase for each bomb, Their damages are same, Reduced per bomb.
  • And some minor fixes in training time have been mentioned by Supercell on their official blog.

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Check out the video by our Mate Galadon on Clash of Clans Big Update.

We hope you guys, Have enjoyed the article, And I know you would be waiting for the Balancing Update and also the Big update soon, I will soon post an article about the big update, Stay tuned, If some of your favourite things added in this upcoming update, Let me know about your favourite things in comment section. Do subscribe and press the bell icon, To receive instant update about your favourite games.


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