Download Boom Beach Private Servers July 2017 (Android & iOS)

Boom Beach Private Servers July 2017 is out, New features, New troops and multiplayer battle have been added in this update, If you want to test the new troops without spending any money on gems, Then you need to get the Private Servers Right now.

Check out the above video, In which Our Friend Nicktaynte destroys the Black with Max Level and it is called as Max level destruction. For Android, We will provide the Apk file and for iOS, you will get DNS which is working worldwide and connect using a simple process.

Features of Boom Beach Private Servers July 2017

  • New troops such as Dr Kavan has been added.
  • Unlimited Coins, Wood and Gems has been added.
  • Unlimited population cap.
  • Experiment whatever troops you want.

These are some of the features added in this update, More features will be added soon.

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Download Boom Beach Private Servers July 2017 Android

Download Boom Beach Private Servers July 2017 (Android & iOS)

Get Latest version of Boom Beach in Playstore

Download Boom Beach Private Servers July 2017 (Android & iOS)

For Android users, The process is simple, You just have to download the Boom Beach Application and install it.

Download Links
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  • Android Users, Download the above file and install it and play it on your device.
  • Make sure you use a separate Google id to login to the Boom Beach Private Servers July 2017.
  • Enjoy the new characters like Dr Kavan and get unlimited resources for your use.

Try Boom Beach Private Servers June 2017

Get Boom Beach Private Servers July 2017 iOS

You would need an iPhone and this process works without any jailbreaking.

Important Note!!
The DNS method is working fine as per today status, Will update it If you are facing issues with it.
  • Go to Wifi options in your device.
  • Press the “i” button.
  • Scroll down, You will see DNS options.
  • Now you have to enter these DNS address.
  • Enter this DNS address [Working World Wide]
  • Open the Boom Beach original version, Now you will be connected to different servers.


We hope you have liked the article on Boom Beach Private Servers July 2017, If you have any issues regarding connecting, Please contact Us using the comment section, Do subscribe and press the bell icon to receive updates instantly.

Boom Beach Private Servers July 2017
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  • UI & Performance
  • Game Rating

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James McGrath - July 27, 2017

Its saying that it doesnt have any connection

    undertaker75 - July 27, 2017

    Updating the servers very soon.

      Mike Ferraro - August 20, 2017

      Still no connection

        undertaker75 - August 21, 2017

        we will update it soon.

Tim - September 19, 2017



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