Get Boom Beach Private Server APK (Android & IOS) December Easily

Boom Beach Private Server for the December month is out for both Android and IOS users, People can make the most of it, It seems that You guys are bored of playing the game on the official servers. Don’t worry, You are at the correct place, You can now have some fun time with the Boom Beach Private Server APK.

Before Starting, I would like to say one thing that, Boom Beach is a massively played multiplayer game which was launched on 26 March 2014, Two years back along with Clash Of Clans. So it is a bit old game, Inorder to make it more interesting, We are making Boom Beach Private Servers for each month.

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Boom Beach Private Server December 2016 Features

There is nothing much to say, The Private server has the same functions as before, It will provide you with the same functions as before. Some highlighting features are

  • Unlimited resources.
  • No population limit.
  • Create clan.
  • List item

Boom Beach Private Server apk – How to Make it Work for Android

Before going to start, Your Android handset must be rooted, Inorder to use the Private Server, If you don’t know how to root your mobile device, Don’t worry, You can search for some guides on youtube on how to root your mobile device. They will help you for sure. After rooting follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Download the Boom Beach Private Switch apk file.
  • It will be in zip format, Do extract it.
  • While extracting it, It will ask Password type
  • Extract and install it
  • Grant the Root permission access which the application will ask.
  • The servers image is listed above.
  • The first server is the official server, Use the second or third one to gain access to the Boom Beach Private Servers December.

Follow the steps, Mentioned above carefully, If you are not understanding any steps, Please do ask me in the comment section or I will shoot and post the video below, Watch it and do step by step carefully. Here are some of the proofs below.

Boom Beach Private Server DNS- How to Make it Work for IOS

For IOS, You don’t need any applications to download, Just simply follow the below steps.

  • Go to wifi settings on your apple device.
  • Then click on i next to your Wifi network name, It represents information.
  • Then use one of the following DNS address.

That’s all the simple steps, You can play in official Boom Beach Private Servers using DNS, Hope all things works for you.

Boom Beach Private Server Video Tutorial

Here is the video, Follow the steps carefully mentioned in it, And get into the Boom Beach Private Servers with ease.


So, I hope, You would have started playing in Boom Beach Private Servers of December month, If you want more articles like this, Please do subscribe and also share this article, So that, The content might reach some of your friends, Who would find this useful.



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Bryan - January 22, 2017

The Password of the file is wrong

    undertaker75 - January 22, 2017

    Hello Bryan,
    It is working.

tarun - February 23, 2017

when i clicked to download this is showing always that requested url was blocked by tele communication or govt.

    undertaker75 - February 23, 2017

    Thambi tharun, Use proxy to access.

Jason - May 28, 2017

I try to access file and it says unable to open file

    undertaker75 - May 31, 2017

    links will be updated soon.


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