Get Boom Beach Hack 2017 for Android & iOS (Latest Update) Instantly

Boom Beach Hack 2017 is working for all the users in worldwide, People can gain access to these tools, servers with ease. However, no one cannot hack the official Boom Beach Server. Some of the websites are just making you fool by posting Boom Beach Fake Generators.

But in this article, We are going to help you to get the Boom Beach Hack 2017. This method works both for Android & iOS users, iOS users need to do some simple tweak on their mobile phone, While Android users have to download modded app.

This article Provides Boom Beach Hack 2017 for both Root and No Root Method for Android, For iOS with Jailbreak device and without a Jailbreak device. Choose your method accordingly

Looking for Clash of Clans Hack 2017? 

Boom Beach Hack 2017 is mainly based on Boom Beach Private Servers. We are going to create a simple working Boom Beach Mod servers, Where we can create lots of Diamonds, Troops and other resources 😀

Boom Beach is a real time strategy game where we have our own individual island, We train troops, And the main Villian of this game is Lt. HammermanThis guy captures all the Islands around us, So what we have to do is, Train multiple troops, Upgrade them, Use correct combination to destroy the Hammerman’s base. And of course! we need to upgrade and keep our defences secure also.

Supercell is Money minded guy, The game is fantastic to play, But people often get irritated because of the waiting time for upgrades, Troop training time and these things usually cost resources too. There is a button which trains these troops instantly but what happens is that Those diamonds are limited, If you want to get those diamonds, You have to spend your hard earned money on these things.

Those things happened to me too, I am playing this game since long time from my Ipad, During my girlfriends birthday, I gifted her some diamonds from In-app purchases, Later I felt that it is waste of money and time too 🙁

What if we have access to unlimited resources and gems?  without spending a penny from pocket. Bad thing is that People try to hack official servers of Supercell, They get failed, Supercell has powerful security systems such as Commando. However, There are some methods working in 2017.

Boom Beach New Update – Complete Details – Get here

Is Boom Beach Hack 2017 is Safe to Use??

As a new visitor to my site, You would have this question surely in your mind, These hacks are 100 % safe, Malware free, and no lame surveys like other websites. Other websites just want you to fill in the lame surveys and at last, they won’t give you anything. 

We have tested almost this hack in 4 or 5 devices from 6-8 locations of the world. I have Iphone 6s and these hacks work flawlessly in it. And also Boom Beach Cheat Codes also working. We guarantee you 100 % that the things provided by us are completely safe.

In iOS, there is some problem installing the Boom Beach Modded (.ipa) File, But later it also started working. We are set of three people, Who consistently working on cracking Supercell games providing users access to unlimited resources.

Main Resources in Boom Beach

Boom Beach Hack 2017 not only giving diamonds but also other resources.

  • Diamonds – These are the resources used to buy some other resources, And also used in completing troops training and upgrades instantly.
  • Gold – This is the most used resource which is used to buy troops and start attacks, Reveal islands on the map.
  • Wood –  They are used Construct and upgrade buildings as always
  • Stone – Same as the wood used in construction and upgrading of buildings.
  • Iron – Same as Wood and Stone, Required in certain compositions.

Good news is that by using, Boom Beach Hack 2017, You can get all these resources in unlimited quantity as wanted. Without spending a cent from your pocket.

Features Added in Boom Beach Version 29.115 Hack

There are some exciting features added officially, Our team is work is, As soon as the updates get released officially, We would include it in our Boom Beach Hack So that Boomers can get it easily. Just by updating in our servers. Check this Video about Boom Beach Update.

Barbed Wire slows and damages troops!

  • Imitation Game is added – Black Army commander, Imitates some 10 best bases, You have to attack and destroy them using Unlimited Diamonds and troops. Don’t worry we have included difficulty 5 x than the official servers, So that you have to use your mind while using the resources too, Good luck brothers
  • Added Barbed Wires, It slows and damages enemy troops.
  • Unlimited Diamonds, Resources as always.
  • You can now join hands with friends to defeat the enemy.
  • You can now see defensive replays instantly.
  • Connection is now fixed a lot, You can experience lagless gaming 🙂

All the things mentioned above is added in Boom Beach Hack 2017, Now let’s get into how to download the hack. Before that Check out the video proof which is present below.

Boom Beach Hack – 100 % Working Video Proof!!!

Before proceeding to the Boom Beach Cheat Codes 2017, Please view the video before going, So that you would get a in-depth idea of what is in this Boom Beach Hack.

Multiple Ways to Hack Boom Beach 2017

Important Note!!
As the DNS method is fully based on GEO locations, I cannot test the locations all over the world. So People, Don’t shoot me with tank, if some of the DNS not working, Thanks 🙂 Other methods are working 100 %

Method 1 – Hack Boom Beach 2017 Using Android Phone Non Rooted

Using this method, You can hack Boom beach easily, This is the simple and best way, I would suggest. Follow the simple steps.

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  • Download the Boom Beach Private Switcher Updated Version.
  • If the link is blocked, Try using a proxy to download.
  • Download and make a clean install.
  • Get a new google account.
  • Open the application, Choose the first server.
  • The game will launch, Use new google account to sign in.
  • Enjoy the Boom Beach Hack 2017 for non-rooted Android phones
Important Note!!
If you use your original Boom Beach account, You could suffer risk of getting banned from the Supercell, So use new google account kindly 🙂

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Method 2 – Hack Boom Beach 2017 Using Android Phone Rooted

This method requires a Rooted phone, This method works flawlessly on my Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, Hope it works for you too.

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Important Note!!
  • Download Hosts Editor from above link.
  • Install the file and press the plus symbol above.
  • A form will be opened, There you have to fill IP address, Which is listed below.
  • In the hostname field, Type
  • Open the Boom Beach and it should be connected for sure.
Private Server
Private Server

Method 3 – Boom Beach Hack 2017 Using iOS device (Without Jail Break)

This method works only on iPhones without Jail Break

Important Note!!
As the DNS method is fully based on GEO locations, I cannot test the locations all over the world. So People, Don’t slang me if some of the DNS not working, Thanks 🙂  Other methods are working 100 %
  • Go to Wifi options in your device.
  • Press the “i” button.
  • Scroll down, You will see DNS options.
  • Now you have to enter these DNS address.
  • Enter this DNS address [Working World Wide]
  • Now open Boom beach, You would be landed in private servers 🙂

Method 4 – Boom Beach Hack 2017 Using iOS device [Jail Break]

  • Open /etc/hosts with a file browser and text editor (like iFile or ES file explorer)
  • Add a new line to the bottom of the file:
  • Uninstall and reinstall Boom Beach and you’re done, enjoy!


So that’s the four methods, As I promised to deliver to you, Our success is the happy smiles of our customers using Boom Beach Hack 2017, If you guys are really interested in hacks and tricks, Please subscribe to our site, So that we will send some hot crispy useful contents.


Basically, I am Mechanical Engineer, But My Passion is Blogging, I Love to Help People With My Knowledge as Much I Can, I love to Discover New Things About Blogging And I am also a Hardcore Gamer.

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