Racings games have been trending among the youth as the most popular entertainment for decades. There are numerous games relevant to racing that hit the market high. These games induce a special kind of spirit among the youngsters of the age.  From Byron bay to Colin McRae all the games were among the favorite leisure activities of the young boys.

The trendsetter was the racing game among all the video games. This was the first idea of video games that introduced its trend among youngsters. Many racing games have been introduced in the market. The latest ones require high software and mediums to operate. Most of the racing games can be operated on PC. Here is the list of the most famous racing games that can be operated by the Gaming PC of all time.


Burnout3 takedown the racing game of times of 2004 that was operated by PS2 and Xbox is considered as one of the best racing games of all times. The chances provision that how many times a player can continue after little accidents. How strong their vehicles are? All of these features were best in burnout3.

People were crazy about the game. The racing scene and system were very ordinary in this game. But it was liked and loved by people all over the world. The handling of vehicles by moving the steering in a very energetic way to win the race was the passion of people at that time. This game is still very thrilling and exciting to play.


Mario cart 8 deluxe is 25 years old racing game that is considered all-time favorite leisure activity of the crazy youth members. Long and spacious racing tracks with good light settings are the peculiar feature of this game. It has a great variety of characters that can have a compatible competition over the lengthy tracks. It can be played by using the Nintendo switch.

Nearly 50 percent of the game buyers have bought this game according to research analysis. This is considered one of the best racing games of the time. The selling rate and market value is evidence of its fame. It’s still loved and played by the people. Both traditional races and battlefield competition are offered by the Mario cart 8 deluxe. Unlike other games, it’s a multiplayer game.


Forza Motorsport 7 from its launch it gained the attention of viewers so rapidly that everyone was shocked. This game created a lot of hype in the market. Everyone loves to play this game due to its diversity and amazing features.

The sudden transition of the environment in this game attracted the viewer’s attention. From a normal roadman move towards the metallic roads that are none less than racing streets. The gloomy night environment inside the game is also very mesmerizing and provides a nostalgic beautiful image on a player’s mind. This game is so amazing and dynamic that it depends upon the player.

If a player is dumb and doesn’t like challenges then he can enjoy this game according to his taste. But if you love thrill and challenges then this game is extremely diverse to fulfill your quench to compete with remarkable players in town. In this game, you can enjoy driving sports cars on luxurious roads with a dynamic environment. You can also enjoy traditional races, campaigns, jumps, and championships that happen seasonally.

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Iracing is also a favorite racing game which is mostly played by adults belonging from the age group of 18-22 years. The cars and tracks of this game are created with keen interest and attention.

Their league racings rules are also strict so beware if you are an armature and have no experience in gaming.

You can enjoy this game with your friends, cousins and family members. Well, it is not a cheap game you have to pay subscription fees for this game yearly. This is a racing game for people who loves realistic things and wants to spend hours to get training for it. This game is away from fantasy and is a source of learner guide too for the people who want to be pro in racing.


Whenever you are going to start playing any racing game firstly prefer to know about your taste. Whether you like thrill in the games or not? And at which extent you can tackle that. After clarifying these things, then search for your game that fits your criteria.

There are numerous choices of racing games with a lot of astonishing and remarkable features. Many best racing games are present on the internet and they are even free of cost. You don’t need to pay tons of subscription fees for playing racing games. For that, you just need to know about your preferences and then choose wisely.


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